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Recipe- Homemade Roohafza/ Rose Squash/ Gulab Sharbat

“Cool down this summer with this refreshing fresh and pure homemade rose squash”

Recipe- How to sprout Fenugreek Seeds/ Ankurit Methi Dana

“Why buy from market, Grow easily at home! Healthy, Aromatic, Nutritious, Digestive, Fenugreek/ Methi Sprouts.”

Recipe- Tomato Peanut Chutney

“Tangy and nutty side for snacks and breakfast dishes.”

Recipe- Coffee Sponge Cake (Eggless)

“Can’t do without your coffee! Don’t Sip, EAT it- Coffee Cake.”

Recipe- Black Forest Cake Icing

“Is it not a good idea to serve a cake which is decorated by you, follow these simple steps to make your own yummy and softer black forest cake.”

Recipe- Creamy Vegetable Quiche (Whole Wheat Tart Recipe)

“Whole wheat tarts with a creamy vegetable filling and baked to melt in mouth.”

Recipe- Leek Cauliflower Soup

“Leek cauliflower a perfect healthy yet delicious creamy diet soup dinner.”

Recipe- Paan Laddu (No Cooking)

“Enjoy the cool cool digestive as well refreshing after dinner dessert packed with its long lasting flavors of paan (/betel leaves), Saunf (/sweet fennel seeds), gulkand (rose patel jam) and last but not the least coated with all time favorite chocolate.”



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