Recipe- Pineapple Pudding
“A yummy layered dessert of leftover pineapple sponge cake and Vanilla ice cream for pineapple lovers.”
Servings Prep Time
12People 15Minutes
Servings Prep Time
12People 15Minutes
  1. a) Crumble some chilled cake piece roughly, and place in the bottom of a serving glass. b) Place a scoop of vanilla ice cream over the layer of crumbled cake. c) Again arrange a layer of crumble cake over the ice cream. d) Finally place one more scoop of vanilla ice cream on the top. e) Garnish with some freshly chopped pineapples and serve chill.
  2. Enjoy the yummy pineapplelicios dessert.
Recipe Notes
  • You may also garnish it with any other your choice of freshly chopped fruits i.e. strawberry etc or just with chopped dried nuts.
  • For better taste use chilled cake.
  • you may also use any leftover chocolate sponge cake to make this recipe.
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