Recipe- Mango Grape Cooler
“Refreshing combination of Mango, grapes and mint with added health benefits of Basil seeds makes this drink more soothing.”
  1. Wash, peel and roughly chop mango and blend in a mixer to make a pulp. (As Sugar or honey if require)
  2. Now take 2 serving glasses, add 2 tbsp mango pulp in each glass, fill one fourth of each glass with water and mix well. Add 2 pinch basil seeds (/Sabja) in each glass and mix well. Keep aside for 20-30 minutes or until it swells well. (You may also do the process in a pitcher while making big batches and then divide the drink in required glasses)
  3. Meanwhile wash, wipe and blend grapes in a mixer, and then strain well for the juice.
  4. Add 4 pinch of bhuna jeera and 4 pinch of black salt to the grape juice and mix well. Keep aside.
  5. Check if basil seeds has swollen well, pour the grape juice equally over the glasses. Mix well.
  6. Top with some ice cubes and water (Or Sada water), Garnish with Mint leaves and some fresh grapes.
  7. Serve chill.
Recipe Notes
  • It is advised to soak the mangoes in sufficient water for 1-2 hour before use, It helps to reduce the heating nature of mango.
  • Check the sweetness of mango, if require add some sugar or honey while blending it.
  • You may add soda water or normal water, both goes well with recipe.
  • Addition on fresh mint leaves gives a nice flavor to the drink.
  • This drink tastes more or less like a Aampanna.
  • Add the ice cubes as required.
  • I did not add too much Basil seeds as I wanted this drink to drinking consistency, not eating one. You may play with the quantity.
  • Instead of soaking basil seeds in normal water, soaked here in mango water to flavor the basil seeds. You may also use the pre soaked in normal water basil seeds and then add to the drink. 

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