Recipe- Kanji Vada
“Kanji, a famous festive savoury drink, which is spicy yet digestive, tastes yummier with the addition of vadas.”
Servings Prep Time
40bowls 5-6days
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
40bowls 5-6days
Cook Time
For Kanji
For Vada
For Kanji
  1. To prepare kanji, take 5 litre purified water (RO or aquaguard) in a big vessel/ container, either of glass or plastic.
  2. Add pisi rai, hing, kala namak, sada namak and lal mirch powder. Mix well, cover and keep aside for 3 days.
  3. Make sure to stir the kanji well daily with a dry and clean spoon.
  4. After 3 days dip all prepared vada in the water, mix again, cover and keep aside for another 3 days. (Again make sure to stir the kanji vada well daily with a dry and clean spoon.)
For Vada
  1. Wash nicely the soaked urad daal and drain then grind well with just sufficient water.
  2. Transfer the grinded daal in a big wide bowl and beat well for 5-6 minutes or till fluffy. It should be the drooping consistency, means it should not fall easily from the spoon.
  3. To check if daal is prepared enough to fry, take a bowl of water then drip some daal batter and check if it floates, then its ready.
  4. Now heat oil in a wide wok, and fry flat vadas at medium to low flame until golden color.
  5. Drain all on absorbent paper and then slip all vada in kanji, mix well, cover and keep aside for another 3-4 days, making sure to stir everyday with a clean dry spoon.
How to make vada in an easy way
  1. The easy way to make vada, you need a bowl of water and two metal spoons, one is bit large in size and one is medium sized. Dip both spoons in water.
  2. Now take both spoons out from the water and scoop the batter from the medium sized spoon, drip in to large sized spoon and flatten it with wet medium sized spoon.
  3. Wipe the bottom of large spoon with a kitchen towel and slip the batter in to medium hot oil to fry. (Wiping the bottom of spoon is required so that no excess water drip in hot oil, while slipping batter to fry.)
  4. Now fry vadas on medium low flame or until golden in color.
  5. Now check kanji after 3-4 days it it is sour and tangy enough, refrigerate and serve chill or at room temperature before or after food.
  6. Enjoy!
Recipe Notes
  • Do not add salt to the vada batter otherwise it will leave water.
  • The vada will absorb enough salt from the kanji.
  • Check the batter it should not be either to thick or too thin, the correct consistency is a drooping one.
  • Urad vadas are too sticky, so if you are making vadas with hand make it wet before handling.
  • Try to make vada in flat shape instead of round shape to avoid center lump.
  • Fry the vada at medium to low flame, making sure vada is well fried inside too.
  • Check the salt as per taste in kanji.
  • Adjust red chili powder in kanji as required.
  • Making sure to stir well kanji everyday with a dry and clean spoon.
  • Keep the kanji container nicely covered in a warm place.
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