Recipe- Chickpea Cutlet
“A rich healthy yummy pack of protein made up of chickpeas, paneer and carrot, shallow fried to enhance the health, good idea to serve your guest and family as a party starter”
Servings Prep Time
4person 15minutes
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
4person 15minutes
Cook Time
  1. First of all take boiled chickpeas, grated carrot and chopped coriander leaves in a food processor or a mixer. Grind roughly.
  2. Now add salt, green chili and bhuna jeera. Mix well.
  3. Now divide the mix in to 7-8 equal portions and keep aside.
  4. Meanwhile prepare filling. For that take grated paneer in a bowl and add some crused pepper, salt and bhuna jeera. Mix well and keep aside.
  5. Now to make cutlet take 1 chickpea ball in your palm and flatten it.
  6. Now place some filling in center.
  7. and seal it properly.
  8. Now flatten it and give any desired shape to your cutlet. prepare all of them and keep aside. You may also store in fridge.
  9. Now when you want to serve, shallow fry.
  10. Serve hot with green chutney.
  11. Enjoy!
Recipe Notes
  • You may also add some nuts in filling like walnut, raisin, cashew, peanut etc.
  • Fill the stuffing and then seal the cutlet back carefully making sure no filing comes out.
  • While shallow frying, flip the cutlets carefully as they might break.
  • I shallow fry to make it healthy, so i did not use anything for binding. If you want to deep fry it, you may add some bread or potato to give it strength for frying. 
  • You may also bake it in a preheated oven till golden brown.

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