Recipe- IceCream Fry Eggless

IceCream Fry
(Eggless and gelatin free)

Vanilla Ice cream 4 scoops (Eggfree and gelatin free)
Corn Flakes 1 cup
Oil to deep fry


  • Deep freeze ice cream scoops for half an hour.
  • Meanwhile roughly crush corn flakes in a wide bowl (Fig1).
  • Now after half an hour roll ice cream scoops one by one in crushed corn flakes (Fig 2).
  • And deep freeze again for an hour.
  • After an hour take it out and give a ball like shape by pressing gently in between your palms.
  • Deep freeze again for half an hour.
  • Roll again in roughly crushed corn flakes (Fig 3) and deep freeze for another 1 hour.
  • Now crush the corn flakes finely (Fig 4) and roll the balls again (Fig 5) and deep freeze for at least 1 hour (Fig 6).
  • Now when you want to serve, heat the sunflower oil on high and fry for 8-9 seconds (Fig 7).
  • Serve immediately.
Do not fry for more than 10 seconds, it may melt inside the oil. If it starts melting inside oil, switch off the flame and remove from gas. And be careful oil might spit on you.
You may keep it ready in your deep freezer and use as a quick dessert anytime.
“Be Vegetarian be Happy”
“Live and Let Live”

Author: Vibhuti Jain

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