Recipe- Bean Sandwich

Lobia/ Black eye bean Sandwich

Bread Bun (Long or Round type) 6 nos
Cucumber 1 large (Sliced) 
Salt 1 tsp or as per taste 
Crushed Black Pepper 1 tsp
For Cutlets
Lobia/ Black eye bean 0.5 cup
Onion 1 medium (Finely chopped)
Carrot 1 small (Finely chopped)
Capsicum 1 small (Finely chopped)
Salt 1 tsp or as per taste
Roasted Jeera Powder/ Bhuna Jeera Powder 1 tsp
Crushed Black Pepper 1 tsp
Red Chilli flakes 2 tsp
Aamchur Powder 0.5 tsp 
Bread Crumbs 2 tbsp+
Corn Flour 1 tbsp
For Dressing Sauce
Thick Curd 0.5 cup
Cheese Spread/ Mayonnaise (Eggless) 2 tbsp
Grated Carrot 1 tbsp
Grated Capsicum 1 tbsp
Grated Cucumber 1 tbsp
Onion 1 small (Finely chopped)
Crushed Black Pepper 1 tsp
Red Chilli flakes 2 tsp
Salt 0.5 tsp or as per taste


For Cutlets

  • Take ans clean lobia and soak overnight (Fig 1).
  • Pressure Cook lobia for 1 whistle on high and then 3-4 whistle on low flame.
  • Drain and refrigerate for 1-2 hours.
  • In a big bowl add boiled lobia and crush them roughly.
  • Add chopped vegetables and all spices, mix well (Fig 2).
  • Now mix sufficient bread crumbs for the binding purpose.
  • Make medium size balls out of that (Fig 3).
  • Flatten each ball giving a shape like your bread (Fig 4).
  • Now in another bowl take corn flour and mix with water to make a thin dip.
  • Add a pinch of salt and crushed black pepper amd mix well.
  • Now dip each cutlet in corn flour dip (Fig 5 & 6) and roll in bread crumbs.
  • Do the same with all cutlets and arrange in a plate (Fig 7).
  • Now deep fridge the cutlets for atleast 1-2 hour.
  • Now when you want to make a sandwich take cutlets out of the deep freezer and directly fry in hot oil.
  • Remove on absorbent papaer.

For Dressing Sauce

  • Beat the thick curd well and mix with cheese spread or mayonnaise.
  • Mix well with all other ingredients (Fig 8).
  • Keep aside.

For Sandwich

  • Cut the bread in to half.
  • Dry roast on both sides over a medium heated tawa.
  • Now take the bottom piece of bread in a plate and apply dressing sauce.
  • Arrange cutlet on it (Fig 9).
  • Now take top piece of bread and apply little dressing sauce and cucumber slices.
  • Sprinkle a pinch of salt and pepper (Fig 10).
  • And place on lower piece of bread.
  • Make other sandwich same way.
  • Serve immediately with ketchup or dressing sauce.


For Cutlets
If you want quick cutlets you may use baked lobia available in tins in market.
Just drain them and refrigerate for some time before use.
Make the cutlets of same shape as of the bread you are using.
Deep fridge the cutlets and and fry directly in hot oil. You no need to defrost them.
Do not fry for more than a minute as everything inside does not need to be cooked.
For Dressing Sauce
To enhance the flavour you can use flavored cheese spread or mayonnaise.
Check if cheese spread or mayonnaise is suitable for vegetarians or not.
For Sandwich
Use your choice of bread. You can also try flavored bread here.
You may also use sliced onion, tomato or lettuce leaves instead of just cucumber.

“Be Vegetarian Be Happy”
“Live and Let Live”

Author: Vibhuti Jain

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