Know about RENNET

Is cheese you are eating suitable for vegetarians?

No, not all cheese are actually vegetarian. Specially if you are staying out of India read this very carefully.

Have you heard what is “Rennet”

Rennet is main ingredient to make any kind of cheese. 

There are different types of rennet:

1. Animal rennet which comes from the stomach of newborn calves or lambs.
2. Vegetable rennet which can be made from a variety of plant sources such as fig, thistle, safflower, and dried caper leaves. It can also be made from genetically modified soybeans.

So If you are vegetarian, then avoid any cheese with rennet, animal rennet, or enzymes (which typically means animal rennet, although not always, but there’s no easy way to know) listed in the ingredients. Vegetable rennet will be listed as such.

“Be Vegetarian Be Happy”
“Live and Let Live”

Author: Vibhuti Jain

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